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CERT | Computer Emergency Response Team della comunità dell'istruzione e della ricerca

CERT | Computer Emergency Response Team della comunità dell'istruzione e della ricerca

PGP info

All official communications from GARR-CERT and the documents on its web server which begin with the phrase PGP signed document, are signed by PGP: by one of its members'  key or by GARR-CERT Master Key.

We invite you to verify the signature of the messages from us and to distrust the unsigned.

To verify the authenticity of our messages and documents:

  •     get our public keys from the GARR-CERT web site or from any of the PGP Public Key Servers;
  •     verify the Fingerprints and KeyIDs by phone or, if you are confident of the authenticity of this page, from the list below;


TypebitskeyIDUser IDFingerprint
DSS 4096/1024 65126042 GARR-CERT Master Key C6A5 D891 E4CA ACB5 A701 1876 C19C 4C93 6512 6042
DSS 4096/1024 3078A742 Leonardo Lanzi 723A 3CF9 7BE9 4463 35C4 659A 7FDB A24B 3078 A742
DSS 4096/1024 B704AAB3 Roberto Cecchini 66ED 7D9F B10B CA2C 1603 7814 9087 D56C B704 AAB3
RSA 1024 5BA9D271 Roberto Cecchini B3A2 C9CC 0250 37CB 79BF 6C00 EBF7 0ABE
RSA 1024 0C5C2A09 Claudio Allocchio F3E8 2033 53DB 8377 B757 58FE 5F5C A246
DSS 2048/1024 F91A64B5 Massimo Ianigro 0239 B835 8437 3666 1A21 871F 89D7 5334 F91A 64B5
RSA 1024/1024 5B3CF8A7 Barbara Monticini 4A45 5B3A 53B2 622B 5F44 8971 31BB 5FE4 5B3C F8A7
DSS 4096/1024 D96E620F Francesco Palmieri BBA2 537A FCCA 6AA2 96C2 F0C0 C13A E6A1 D96E 620F
RSA 1024 2AEAB984 Andrea Pinzani EB0C E1AE 7276 DE42 451A 0D0D 2DCB 223B
DSS 1024/1024 6A0AE581 Maria Sole Scollo 0C9A 0D0C 4E65 8667 1C64 82AA 2163 8BA8 6A0A E581
RSA 2048 E3DEFF72 Simona Venuti 5676 9B76 6FCF 74F9 BBAD 10C0 918E 2D65 E3DE FF72
RSA 2048 6291A891 OLD GARR-CERT Master Key 9D8A 9CAC 902A 0C29 4432 B716 4674 92D4